4 Effective Marketing Strategies for Promoting Your Brand to Mothers

In a household, mothers make eight out of 10 purchasing decisions not just for herself but also for her partner and children. Today’s mothers are more dynamic than the moms of the past who passively consumed information they watched on TV or heard on the radio. In this digital age, moms engage in social media to find products and services relevant to their lives and have lots of online tools at their disposal.

If your business has mothers as the huge chunk of clientele, you can win their trust and loyalty through the following strategies:

Appeal to the emotions

Women are inherently emotional beings, and when you combine your marketing messaging with the right emotion and images that resonate with them, then you’re able to gain their limited attention. To start off, think about the usual struggles that all mothers go through—from childbirth to sending their children to school.

Keep your messages brief and to the point

Moms have their hands full managing the household, making sure their children are well taken care of, and other important responsibilities aside from their career. Thus, it’s important to make your marketing and advertising campaigns snappy and easy for them to digest.

Tap Facebook for your marketing programs

According to data from Pew Research Center, 81% of mothers use Facebook where they search for and share information about brands and products. So it pays to target your social media marketing efforts to this platform.

Get more moms to talk about your brand

The biggest influencers to mothers when it comes to products and services aren’t celebrities but real people like their relatives, friends, and fellow moms. Reach out to mom bloggers whose niche is relevant to your brand and explore a possibility of a collaboration. Also, improve your customer experience so that word of mouth in the form of reviews and testimonials will work to your advantage.