How to market online games like Happy Wheels to your target audience?

Marketing your online game to your targeted audience is quite easier these days because there are plenty of online platforms where you can promote these games for free but the problem is that availability of these platforms has not only made things easier for you but it has also created some problems as you cannot decide that which platform should you target to get more customers.

If you’re facing this problem, then you must stay relaxed because here you’re going to find information about the top platforms where you can easily market your online games to your target audience. Games like Happy Wheels have become very popular on most of the platforms because they targeted the right audience at the right platform.

If you also want to make your game become popular, then you must also target the platform that can provide you excellent results. Once you gained popularity on a platform, people would start promoting your game themselves and you won’t have to make any effort after that but proper commitment and dedication should be your major concern in the beginning.

Let’s take a look at the top platforms where you can market your games to your target audience.


When it comes to targeting a particular group of people, there is nothing better than Google because Google helps you promote your games among those that are looking for such kind of games. The problem is that everybody can’t reach a higher level in Google because it takes a lot of effort to reach there.

If you don’t have a higher rank in Google, you must consider taking help from the Google Ads because these Ads can help you promote your games among those who are not yet aware of your game.

Once you reached your target audience, the players will start promoting your game among their friends and thus your game will popular.


Youtube is another most popular platform that helps you market your games to your target audience. All you need to do is putting some content on your channel and then start promoting it on several social media platforms and even Youtube’s algorithms will also make your game appear in the recommended section.

Facebook groups

Targeting Facebook groups is another most powerful way of marketing your game because there are millions of gamers added to those groups. Once you post your game in the group, the gamers will play it and share their review about it. If they liked it a lot, they’d definitely share this with their friends and thus your game will achieve a higher position.

Online Stores

There are several online stores like eBay and Amazon that provide you the opportunity to market your games to your targeted audience. There are many gamers that use these platforms to buy the games so, these online stores can help gain more and more customers every day.

Should you sleep together with your baby? Tips on choosing the right mattress for parents

Babies are very sensitive and they need proper protection and care. All the parents are worried about their baby’s health and they try to protect him in different ways. When it comes to talking about sleeping with babies, we see that there are two different groups of people. The first group believes that they should arrange a separate bed for the baby while the other group says that the baby should sleep with them in their bed.

There is nothing wrong with both the opinions because both are good for the baby’s safety and health. However, if it is a new baby, you need to sleep with him because you won’t be able to hear his voice if he is lying in the other bed. All you need to do is to arrange the proper safety around the baby so that you may not hurt him while sleeping.

Today, we’re going to talk about the mattresses that are specially designed for the parents that have newborn babies at their home. You must consider buying any of the following mattresses because they help you and your baby take a good night sleep. If you have decided to sleep with the baby, then you must buy the best daybed for your bedroom because it provides you a comfortable and long-lasting experience.

Let’s take a look at some mattresses that may work perfectly in your bedroom if you’re sleeping with your baby.

Innerspring Open Coil

There are different types of mattresses that are designed for several purposes such as memory foam and waterbeds but you can’t use them for the babies as they don’t have the ability to provide extra comfort to the baby. If you’re looking for a long lasting option at a pocket-friendly rate, the innerspring mattress is the perfect choice for you.

There are many other mattresses on the market but basic coil mattress is the right option for your baby. If you realize that the mattress won’t be able to bear the weight, you can add a topper or pad to it to bring some softness and firmness to the mattress.

Innerspring Pocket Coil

This mattress is more expensive as compared to the open coil mattress. The reason why this option is expensive is that each coil or spring in this mattress is individually wrapped in fabric. This helps you make sure that you’re going to experience a good night because the coil won’t share their load at all. The Innerspring pocket coil mattress can be a more comfortable option as compared to the open coil mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Usually, memory foam is considered to be the best mattress ever but we have mentioned it at the end because the situation is a bit different here. However, if you realize that above-mentioned mattresses aren’t the right choice for you, you may choose to have a memory foam mattress as well. Memory foam provides you complete comfort but you need to buy the additional pillows for your baby to provide him extra support.

Some great ideas for young parents starting their business

Starting a new business requires a lot of research and hard work but it is a lot better than the 9 to 5 job. You’re free from following the orders of your boss and you can complete your tasks whenever you want. The young parents face a lot of problems these days because it’s not easy to bring up a child. It is not easy to manage your daily expenses unless both the partners go for a regular job.

A regular job prevents you from focusing on your child and the baby doesn’t get much attention. Most of the times the mother has to sacrifice her job to take care of her child but there are some parents that prefer moving to a business after leaving their job. This decision usually helps find a proper solution to the problem but in some cases, it still gets difficult for most of the parents to pay proper attention to the baby and the business.

Young parents can target the products of kids to start their business because this is the best way that can help them focus on their baby and their business. You must have lots of information about the baby products as you have bought some of them for your baby. This type of business will also help you find the best products for your baby.

Kids Clothes

The clothing business is one of the perfect businesses especially when you’re selling the kids clothes. There is a wide range of customers available and everybody loves to buy something creative and beautiful for their baby. You can design the clothes in a way that can help show love and affection to the baby. Thus, many parents will buy these clothes.

It’s not only about targeting the parents but you can also target others as people love to purchase gifts for their nephews and nieces.


All the parents love the buy the stroller for their kids. If you don’t have enough capital to start a business of your own, you can start promoting the products of other manufacturers.

They’ll pay you a commission for promoting their products. Drop shipping is one of the best ways if you’re willing to sell strollers.

You may take a look at the sit and stand strollers review here if you don’t have any idea of what type of strollers should you sell or promote.


The market for toys is very big. We recommend that you should start a business of infant toys because people buy a lot of toys for their infants. You can either get them manufactured from a manufacturer or you can buy them at a wholesale price and sell it at a higher price. The best way to sell products is to promote them on the internet because you can target a wide range of customers on the internet.

4 Effective Marketing Strategies for Promoting Your Brand to Mothers

In a household, mothers make eight out of 10 purchasing decisions not just for herself but also for her partner and children. Today’s mothers are more dynamic than the moms of the past who passively consumed information they watched on TV or heard on the radio. In this digital age, moms engage in social media to find products and services relevant to their lives and have lots of online tools at their disposal.

If your business has mothers as the huge chunk of clientele, you can win their trust and loyalty through the following strategies:

Appeal to the emotions

Women are inherently emotional beings, and when you combine your marketing messaging with the right emotion and images that resonate with them, then you’re able to gain their limited attention. To start off, think about the usual struggles that all mothers go through—from childbirth to sending their children to school.

Keep your messages brief and to the point

Moms have their hands full managing the household, making sure their children are well taken care of, and other important responsibilities aside from their career. Thus, it’s important to make your marketing and advertising campaigns snappy and easy for them to digest.

Tap Facebook for your marketing programs

According to data from Pew Research Center, 81% of mothers use Facebook where they search for and share information about brands and products. So it pays to target your social media marketing efforts to this platform.

Get more moms to talk about your brand

The biggest influencers to mothers when it comes to products and services aren’t celebrities but real people like their relatives, friends, and fellow moms. Reach out to mom bloggers whose niche is relevant to your brand and explore a possibility of a collaboration. Also, improve your customer experience so that word of mouth in the form of reviews and testimonials will work to your advantage.


Selling to Parents? Here are 3 Tips on Marketing Your Brand Effectively

The irony about selling products and services is to parents is that while they’re a potentially profitable group (they have a lot of needs for themselves and their children, and they have the money), they’re among the hardest to sell to. Their schedules are tight, and they have no time to waste for crappy marketing stuff.

So here are a few tips to keep in mind when developing a sound marketing strategy to reach out to parents:

Consider their needs and offer sensible solutions

What problem does your product or service solve for a parent? Are you going to help save their time or money, make their life as parents easier, or keep their children safe and healthy? Ask yourself these questions so that you can come up with a marketing message that resonates well with parents. When you define the solutions you can provide to them, it’s easier to earn and sustain their attention to your brand.

Make their online shopping a hassle-free experience

Do you know what many parents appreciate besides the usual discounts and rebates? It’s the quality and speed of doing business with your company. Ensure smooth transactions, quick page loading times, fast delivery, and a well-trained customer support staff—and you’ll easily be trusted by your customers.

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing

Providing the best shopping experience for your customers can have a domino effect—you’ll have happy, satisfied customers who will keep coming back to you, and your offerings may even be recommended to other parents as well. This builds your credibility. You can also work with mom and parent bloggers to write reviews about your brand so that you can reach out better to your target audience.

Connecting to parents can be challenging, but once you’re able to do so, you’ll reap the benefits of getting their loyalty and business.