Famous art galleries in the world

The art galleries are actually an ideal platform for you if you want to display visual arts such as painting, photography or sculpture. Art galleries are considered as a collected culmination of effort, time, tastes and endurance of many generations, for depicting the diverse cultures and arts of various ages. Hence, be it traditional or contemporary fine arts, the art galleries are consisted of them all. The presence of art galleries has promoted several emerging artists of various ages. The art galleries give those artists a chance to flaunt their works. Search for pretty neat creative to get more information of art and its related things.  Below are few of the most famous art galleries in the world:


Musee Du Louvre, Paris

The Musee Du Louvre of Paris is considered as one of the best art museums of France and it has dominated Paris since the time it was established. This art gallery is very famous for its architectural superiority and the artistic collections which are present in it are the most stunning ones. The art works displayed in this gallery has a universal appeal which strikes a chord on the spectators. If you visit this art gallery then you would surely enjoy being there.

The National Gallery, London

The National gallery in London is the a fascinating exhibition of the Western European art. It was founded in the year 1824 and it has beautiful and rich collections of more than 2300 paintings from the 13th to 18th century. The beautiful art works displayed in this art gallery would surely blow your mind.

Vatican Museum, Rome

The Vatican museum in Rome was founded by Pope Julius II in the sixteenth century. This Roman museum displays a large collection of the Roman Catholic churches. You would find huge number of beautiful art work of the Roman Catholic churches in this museum and you would love to visit it again and again.

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

The National Gallery of Victoria is one of the largest and oldest galleries found in Australia. This gallery displays more than 63,000 art works. Moreover, this art gallery also has an art school and this art school has become an Alma Mater of several renowned Australian artists. The Australian artists feel proud to be a part of this gallery and this makes more and more youngsters to join them.

The metropolitan Museum, New York

The metropolitan Museum in New York has a collection of around two million artworks. This museum is considered as the largest in its genre. The collection found in this museum includes ancient Egyptian art, classical antiquity, sculptures of European masters and modern art. The beautiful sculptures found in this museum would surely make you recommend that museum to your near and dear ones.

Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Brazil

The Sao Paulo Museum of Art in Brazil is a prominent building that houses an exquisite collection of the Latin American art works which dates back to World War II. Those art works dating back to the World War II would surely make you happy and you would never regret visiting that place ever in your life.

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