How to market online games like Happy Wheels to your target audience?

Marketing your online game to your targeted audience is quite easier these days because there are plenty of online platforms where you can promote these games for free but the problem is that availability of these platforms has not only made things easier for you but it has also created some problems as you cannot decide that which platform should you target to get more customers.

If you’re facing this problem, then you must stay relaxed because here you’re going to find information about the top platforms where you can easily market your online games to your target audience. Games like Happy Wheels have become very popular on most of the platforms because they targeted the right audience at the right platform.

If you also want to make your game become popular, then you must also target the platform that can provide you excellent results. Once you gained popularity on a platform, people would start promoting your game themselves and you won’t have to make any effort after that but proper commitment and dedication should be your major concern in the beginning.

Let’s take a look at the top platforms where you can market your games to your target audience.


When it comes to targeting a particular group of people, there is nothing better than Google because Google helps you promote your games among those that are looking for such kind of games. The problem is that everybody can’t reach a higher level in Google because it takes a lot of effort to reach there.

If you don’t have a higher rank in Google, you must consider taking help from the Google Ads because these Ads can help you promote your games among those who are not yet aware of your game.

Once you reached your target audience, the players will start promoting your game among their friends and thus your game will popular.


Youtube is another most popular platform that helps you market your games to your target audience. All you need to do is putting some content on your channel and then start promoting it on several social media platforms and even Youtube’s algorithms will also make your game appear in the recommended section.

Facebook groups

Targeting Facebook groups is another most powerful way of marketing your game because there are millions of gamers added to those groups. Once you post your game in the group, the gamers will play it and share their review about it. If they liked it a lot, they’d definitely share this with their friends and thus your game will achieve a higher position.

Online Stores

There are several online stores like eBay and Amazon that provide you the opportunity to market your games to your targeted audience. There are many gamers that use these platforms to buy the games so, these online stores can help gain more and more customers every day.